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Let 10kUPS.com be your partner in designing, purchasing, and supporting your large battery backup needs. Whether you have multiple server racks, high-end imaging equipment, or a subpanel to backup, let 10kUPS.com get you the best system for LESS.

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UPSes are our core business. Since 1981 we have strived to provide the very best power quality solutions and service. Join the family and call us today at (954) 580-4070

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10kUPS.com Product Lines

All 10kUPS.com UPSes feature

The 10kUPS.com Difference

15month Warranty

Our high quality refurbished UPS units feature an industry leading 15month warranty. Only true refurbishers can offer this.

Items In Stock

We stock over 200 models from 1kva to 40kva  Plus as licensed electricians we can customize and pre-wire your UPS.

Five Star Service

Many stores just sell a product. At 10kUPS.com we sell a relationship. It begins with design, advice and ends with a product & support.

Our Most Popular Units

Remember we offer a complete line of UPS Solutions

Prices include new batteries a 15 month warranty on refurbished units. Shipping Extra

Eaton UPS
engineer grade

EXRTL11000-XL9UMS - 9U system with isolation transformer ideal for subpanel power (mx1199) $3200

9PX11K - Latest Eaton system with full featured LCD screen and high efficiency (px1196) $4300

most popular

SURT10000XLT - APC workhorse designed to perform (1096g3) $2700 or New (1096g3Q) $3500

SURT10000RMXLT6U - The late model 10kva with rack rails and network card (1096g4) $3000

APC Next Generation
online LCD units

SRT10KRMXLT - APC's flagship 10kva unit designed for the very best of ups needs. New (1096g5q) $5800

SRT10KRMXLT-O - Add a 50amp cord kit, plug and wheels for use on critical equipment (1096g5o) $4500

APC Dual Voltage
low and high voltage

SURT10000XLT-2TF5 - The classic with dual transformers for 120volt loads (1096g4k) $3500

SURT10000XLT-1TF10K - Includes 10k transformer for subpanel installation (1096g4f) $4000

IBM Server
blade server ready

PW9140-10000 - Eaton's custom designed solution for the bladecenters (p91096) $2800

10000XHV - APC's modified 10kva for high end equipment and systems (1096ibm) $2800

Liebert Split Phase
sub panel ready

GXT3-10000RT208 - A culmination of 12 years of Liebert ingeniuity (lx1096) $3900

GXT2-10000RT208 - Tried and Tested. Clones still being made today. (lg1096) $3000 or New (lg1096q) $3800

Tripplite Online
best value

SU10000RT3U - Well thought out design and proven performance... all for less. (to1096) $2500

SD10000RT3U - The newer version with improved performance and runtime. (td1096) $2900

APC Symmetra
the best system ever

SYA12K16P - Stop your searching! This is the legendary UPS solution for all. (sylx12) $6000

SYA12K16XR - A great bundle with 1hr runtime and onsite startup (sylx12xlg) $9200


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